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Take · care · of · my · heart; · i · left · it · with · you.

You took my hand for a dance.

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So starhub called early today. I was shocked. Thats because they promised to call me last week (which they didnt). Izah called to inform that i can report work on Monday. So soon? Haha. I suddenly felt sad that i had to leave ma current job. BUT no worries. Thats wat i wanted rite? Thank God.

Still, starhub is not ma thang when comes to signing up for lines, hps and internet. Super slow. I hope i wont be seeing ma own bills. Haha! Than it will be a shame! Im waiting for ma lil cousin to join the clan for starhub. It would be nice if we could work together. Working kakis. Coz i noe, i will be having fun at work! Fingers crossed!

World Cup starts officially today. I finally accept the fact that France couldnt make it. Ma boys told me, France aint that good anymore. And furthermore, Trazeguet is seriously not a good player either. So i gave up. Now, i'll be supporting kloze baby (Germany) and Spain. We'll see how things goes. Oh and ma old flame will be there too. KAKA. Aku cinta kamu. Boleh? Haha!


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